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Revealed at last – the secret of a good night’s sleep!

I hear from many of you that getting enough good sleep is difficult. I can totally relate to that as this is probably my achilles heal when it comes to taking care of my health. When you think of it, it is kind of silly when you are doing all the “hard” stuff to be healthy. Sleeping should be the easiest right?

So many people wonder why, even after what they think is a good night’s sleep, they still wake up unrefreshed and tired.

Unfortunately, few people realize that it’s only in the stages of deep sleep (as opposed to the earlier stages of lighter sleep) that your body begins to replenish itself, your brain starts to recharge, and energy is restored.

So how can you make sure that you’re getting a restful, good quality sleep?

I have searched around for solutions ever since my first bad ski injury prevented me from sleeping because of pain. I invested in a real good mattress which was a great relief. Not immediately but after 4-5 days of getting used to it. It has worked so that I don’t wake up with back pain every morning as I used to. It changed the mechanics of things but it didn’t change my sleep itself. I still have never been able to just lie down and fall asleep in 15 minutes and I would still wake up fairly easily which characterizes a lighter sleep..

Well, as always when I cannot find things, they tend to show up when I am looking for something else…This time I was researching on energy fields surrounding the human body and how they can be used/manipulated to improve health and well-being. (Really interesting by the way but I will not get into that here…).

I stumbled upon this Japanese company (Nikken) who has been researching and using magnets to counterbalance the positively charged ions around us from electrical and modern lifestyle devices. Despite the name, positive ions appear to increase fatigue and concentration problems, and negative ions are proven to counteract this. In nature we find higher concentrations of negative ions in forrests, by waterfalls and in the mountains but in urban areas the positive ions dominate. Magnets have the effect of decreasing the concentration positive ions and there is whole technology around this.

Nikken has developped these sleep systems based on magnet, ionic and far-infrared technology. Millions of people worldwide benefit from a better quality of sleep by using these products to create a better environment for a more relaxing and therefore more refreshing sleep. It turns out the company has existed for 37 years and is the biggest in the wellness home industry in the US.

Nikken has used their technology to create products to improve all the basic parameters of life quality: Sleep, indoor air and water quality, natural pain relief as well as some advanced nutritional supplements. I have now been testing their systems for a while. I started with the small magnets that you can patch on your skin where you have a pain to change the electromagnetic field in this area, facilitating healing and decreasing the pain. It works the same principles as acupuncture. I have tried it on a pain in the shoulder area after a herniated disc and in the low back area after a stupid move. I then tried a seat cover that I use for desk work based on this technology and it just relaxes the body and feels good. A construction machine driver who bought one from me told me that he doesn’t feel as tired and tense in the low back as he used to after he started using this magnetic seat cover. There are also covers based on the same technology that are used for race horses to improve their recovery.
Athletes in all kinds of sports use Nikken’s technology for better recoevery, balance and neuromuscular communication.


The sleep system consists of a top mattress, pillows and quilts that you can get as a package or alone. There is also a travel pack.

You can read the technical details with Nikken’s own words here:

RAMTM Technology – strategically positioned clusters of six magnetic spheres (arranged in a circle with each positive-negative axis rotated 60o relative to its neighbour) create a cocoon of overlapping fields in three dimensions, enhancing the Earth’s own natural, ordered flow.
Ionic Comfort Technology – helps promote a restful and refreshing sleep by releasing the negative ions commonly found in a mountain forest or near a waterfall.
Far-Infrared Technology – disperses heat evenly and continually balances your temperature by absorbing heat-energy and reflecting it back when required.

Put simply, if you introduce any of these sleep innovations into your life, I am convinced your sleep will improve and you will wake up feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and looking forward to a new day! Motivated for training and being good to yourself and the people around you!

You can check out the products and offers here:

About Nikken
Nikken is a worldwide company offering revolutionary products that support a healthy home and lifestyle, through a combination of groundbreaking science and natural solutions. For almost 40 years, Nikken’s innovative sleep systems have helped millions of people worldwide to sleep better and wake up more alert, energized, and ready for the day ahead.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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