How far are you ready to walk…?

113 km of physical and mental training camp

With Anja Bolbjerg (2-time Olympic Finalist) and Anette Jensen (Cert.Coach)

It’s a natural thing for athletes to go away on training camps to get optimal conditions to work on something important. If you could use an inspirational timeout away from daily duties to get your ideas organized and your priorities straight, then join us on this walk September 6th – 11th 2015. It’s incredible how much progress you can make when you:


  • don’t have daily duties interrupting you all the time
  • have a trainer guide and support you with tricks and drills
  • get back to basics and take one step at a time

Also, how movement can provide you with a new inspiring perspective. It’s logical and actually, many of the greatest philosophers used walking as an integrate part of their work.

That’s what our next training camp is about – a backpack walk along the famous pilgrimage route, El Camino in Northern Spain which is said to have a special energy and has been walked by millions of people over the past centuries.


Your takeaways

  • Greater insight
  • A timeout
  • Tools for optimizing habits and behavior
  • Inspiration for physical improvement and vitality
  • Daily tasks by certified coaches for personal development
  • Individual coaching on a specific subject of your choice
  • The possibility of participating in a “take-action” motivational challenge afterwards
  • The synergy that lies in group dynamics
  • An unique, intense experience



About walking

It’s measurable that people who take the timeouts, walk, meditate in whatever form get a healthier blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce tensions. Benefits less empirically measurable are: improved insight and personal development.

That body and mind are closely linked is no longer a secret – and when they work together – it’s impressive what we can achieve.

When you walk, your thoughts tend to get anchored in each step and become more grounded. Physical movement and the simple act of walking tend to inspire us to move forward mentally as well – and has inspired many of the greatest philosophers to put words on their ideas.

Think about it…

  • What do you carry with you in your backpack?
  • What are you ready to let go of ?
  • Have you been standing still for too long… or are you moving too fast ???
  • Where are you going ??
  • Could you use a compass?


The walk

We will walk from Sarria, approximately 113km from Santiago de Compostella over 5 days – so about 25 km og walking a day. The walk includes roads, trails, fields and passing through little ancient villages far from our normal modern world. We will each carry our own luggage in a backpack, so chose carefully what you need! (-we will provide you with a list of recommended items). At the end of each stage we will spend the night in primitive pensions often with dormitories – oh yes!

We travel as a group but it is up to you how you want to take every step. If you want to walk alone at times – it’s absolutely up to you. We will provide you with questions and exercises to help you use this trip for whatever challenge, change or choice you wish to make progress with. The things you just don’t find or make the time for among your daily duties.


We will have our meals at the little cafés or local restaurants along the way. At night one can order “pilgrimage menus” or local specialties.

Price: 750 €


4 nights (Sun-Wed) at hostels + 1 night at hotel in Santiago de Compostella (Thu)


Meeting point: Sarria, Spain

We meet for breakfast and introduction Sunday September 6th at 10am

Walk starts from Sarria Sunday September 6th at 11am

Arrival in Santiago de Compostella September 10th afternoon.

Visit cathedral, get certificate, dinner – sleep at hotel till Friday 11th

To reserve your spot, you will be asked to pay 250€. The rest (500€) will be billed 3 weeks before the trip. By clicking the buy now button below you can make your reservation. You can also make a bank transfer if you prefer. For more practical information, please contact Anja by email or phone.

+33 637 411 686

+45 22 328 348