Elite Performance

Are you looking to improve performance in your sport?

Athletic performance is much more than just being talented or good technically. If you want to be as good as you can get, you have to look at optimizing at more levels.

    • Sport specific strength and conditioning
    • Injury prevention and management
    • Coping skills and mental strength
    • Mind-body balance and well-being
    • Nutrition and hydration
    • Rest and recovery

Just to mention a few…

Anja uses her experience with world class sports both as a coach and as an athlete herself, personally coming back from several severe injuries and overcoming obstacles, as well as her professional network, to help you find out where to put your efforts to take you to the next levels.

Anja: “Around Monaco, we have perfect conditions for performance training camps. We have great climate for outdoor training, we have steep hills for cycling, sprinting etc, we have the sea and the beaches and functional athletic facilities. Besides, the area is one of the most beautiful places on the planet!”

Anja has felt on her own body the aches and pains as well as the rewards of training and performance. She has organized training camps for almost 20 years. Her passion and expertise is to help you as an athlete

    • tap into your hidden resources
    • overcome your challenges
    • get you strong at all levels and
    • bring out your inner champion!

[testimonials name=”Damien Desprat, Monaco Olympic Team 2012, Laser Boat”]Anja has world class experience….She has been the best in her discipline, so she knows about physical training and the challenges that it brings.

Damien Desprat at London Olympics 2012

I had a very basic preparation before starting to work with Anja. I was able to sail at my level but it wasn’t enough to take me to the top where I could go the Olympic Games.  So, with Anja we started to look at the imbalances that were working against me.

It worked really great for me and I felt a lot better – quite fast! It was surprising, I didn’t expect it would be that efficient!