I really don’t want to be the messenger with the bad news, but the fact is that we are getting bombarded with crappy foods even when trying to be healthy.

Even the stuff we think is natural is being produced in such unnatural ways that it is no wonder our bodies are getting hormonally confused and cancer is hitting more and more people. And that we lose grip of normal appetite, hunger and satiety functions.

I am not going to tell you here all the things you should avoid to not sabotage your health efforts. The list is getting depressingly longer and longer and more and more confusing.


Rather, I will tell you what to do to help your body get rid of these hormone disturbing substances. The principle is simple. We need to give our kidney and liver the best working conditions.

  1. Hydration with filtered water – from safe plastic or glass. The Nikken water filter that I recommend is made without BPA and is proven to filter, purify, mineralize and even alkalize your tap water that you can pour straight into your glasses or put in the fridge in glass bottles. Even light dehydration can compromise optimal functioning of liver and kidney which are our internal cleansing stations.



  1. Get A LOT of fruits, vegetables and berries – sun ripened and pesticide free. The nutrients in these work in synergy to protect our cells against stress factors from toxins and polution amongst other beneficial actions. If you do not get 10 portions of fruits and vegetables of good quality – (i.e. sun ripened, pesticide free) then I recommend the supplements from Juice Plus which is the most research backed supplement out there – It is actually considered a whole food since it is consisting of only ground all-natural sun ripened, pesticide free, dehydrated fruits and vegetables with salt and sugar removed.