vineyard-berriesThe Vineyard Virtues
The overall effects of the Juice Plus Vineyard Blend® are

  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved oxygen supply to the tissues
  • Enhanced waste elimination
  • Increased absorption of other supplements
  • Reducing risk of heart disease.

The following 9 berries and grapes are the active ingredients in the Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend® formula. They each have specific health effects. Not that they are a cure in themselves – the body does the job, but it uses these ingredients. Here are some of the effects that these foods help with.


Bilberry -increases circulation and helps eye disorders like cataracts and macular degeneration

Cranberry – may inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells, and reduce the risk of gum disease and stomach ulcers. Reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. High in phenol.

Elderberry – decongests the sinuses and lungs and helps slow aging. anti-viral, antibiotic, anticarcinogenic

Black Currant and Red Currant – stops common bacteria that cause food poisoning and urinary tract infections

Blueberry – superfood with strong anti-carcinogenic and heart disease fighting properties.

Raspberry and Blackberry – strong anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging food

Concord Grape – helps maintain kidney balance and waste elimination, high in resveratrol

The Blend also contains these active ingredients:

Green Tea

Grape Seed Extract


Digestive Enzymes

Proteolytic Enzymes


Coenzyme Q10


Details about the researched benefits of each of these ingredients are detailed in the book “Your Body Speaks–Your Body Heals.”

All Juice Plus+® formulas include a variety of whole foods and other ingredients so the healing power within the body can pick what it needs.