For yacht crew members wishing to stay in shape, we offer two solutions:

1) Local yacht crew bootcamps on the port

2) A fun team fitness challenge that can be run between different crews, no matter the geographical location

Yacht crew bootcamps

A convenient, flexible solution that can be set up during a time where you stay in the same port for a couple of weeks or more.

[testimonials name=”Sara, yacht crew member Antibes”]”I decided to organize boot camp for the crew, as we had just come to the end of a very busy season and a lot of the crew were feeling sluggish and un motivated to get back into an exercise routine. I thought boot camp would be a great way to get everyone back into exercise mode and was great having a group of us so we could motivate each other.

The boot camp classes Anja ran were great, the first session she worked out what our fitness levels were and what we wanted to focus on and from then on she would push us harder each session which is exactly what we needed.

I think if any crew are looking into doing a boot camp it is a fun way to get fit and back into exercise before a big season or when you need a bit more motivation to get back into a fitness routine.” [/testimonials]


Yacht Crew Fit Body Boost Challenge

The challenge is based on an online points scoring system that rewards physical activity and other health related incentives. You are motivated to engage in healthier habits through this fun challenge where you compete as teams about who is the “most healthy crew.” Developed for corporate wellness by 2-time Olympic finalist, this challenge plays on all motivational strings to make your good intentions be reality – in a fun, playful way without moralizing. See more here

Crew Coaching

Riviera Fit Body highly recommends having a chat with The Crew Coach, based here on the Riviera, for:

  • optimizing your career in yachting
  • team building and motivation
  • on board team coaching

See more here:

The Crew Coach