So there is a lot of talk about this and I get a lot of questions one this.

But what are acidic foods?

You would think a citrus fruit is acidic right? Well when we talk about acidic vs alkaline foods, we look at the acid load they create in the body (on the kidneys) rather than the food itself. You can check that in the urine because that’s where it excreted. Fruits and vegetables – even those with an acidic TASTE have create alkaline renal load when metabolized and thus they prevent metabolic acidosis and toxicity in the muscles. They are full of phytonutrients that work in synergies as natural anti-inflammatories and natural antioxidants. Needless to say these should be a huge component of any athlete’s diet, any person recovering from injury or illness – and any person who wants to be proactive about their own health.

On the other hand, if your organs live in an acidic environment, you create the perfect environment for dis-eases to thrive.

So what to do.

You can have your acidity tested with Suzy Dior for example – or you can do it yourself. It is relatively easy to change – and does change constantly – according to your diet.

To simplify life for those of my clients, family and friends who don’t want to have to “engineer” their diet, I take orders for my 2 preferred shortcuts:

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