I hereby invite you to take up my Project ZERO Fat Storage Holiday Challenge and get wholesale nfl jerseys into the new year energized and motivated!

The goal is no fat storage between wholesale nba jerseys Dec 15 and January 15.

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Here’s what’s included to help you through the holidays without fat storage.

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– and I will add prizes for you to win!!!

  • Weigh-in,measuring and body fat test before and & after (Before: Dec 13,14 or 15.  After: Jan 17,18 or 19) (Value 140€)
  • Receive weekly individual schedule made according to your plans and cheap jerseys report back to me during challenge (Value 250€)
  • Get unlimited acces to my online nutrition tool and school for 3 months (Value 42€)
  • Free download of my train-at-home 30 Rich minute video-sessions (Value 11€)

If you manage to not gain fat, you will win a free 60 minute massage and

if you actually drop your fat percentage you will win the massage PLUS your choice of either

Your price for ZERO fat gain over the holidays: 119€ instead of 493€ (You save 366€ !!!)

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