-Four weeks training and guidance with a winning team to make those improvements that you wish for in your life.

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Make The Change – Personal Development Course

Happy New Year! 

If you could change something in the new year what would it be? What would you like to see improved in 2014? 

If you’re ready to make that change, read on about this transformative program put together by a team of well-being professionals to help you go the distance to your dreams…

Do any of these familiar challenges ring true for you?

  • You have something you want to change, but there is some resistance you can’t seem to get past.
  • You lack the confidence to pursue a certain project.
  • You make changes, but you can’t sustain them.
  • You wholesale nfl jerseys dream, but don’t have the motivation to keep going.
  • Your life is changing around you, and you’re not sure Tamborine where Bootcamps to go next.

Don’t wait another year. Empower yourself now with:

  • A structured program to help you shift into success
  • An experienced, professional team to guide you
  • Personal support to keep you on track
  • A loving community to share the journey with
  • Practical tools to create and sustain your new way of life
  • The optimal environment for lasting change

Your Personal Change Team

  • Anja Bolbjerg, two-time Olympic skiing finalist and elite Cyclocross performance coach, will give and teach you practical methods from the world of physical conditioning to empower you to stay motivated, meet the challenges and push past your comfort zone to get to the next level.
  • Barbara Basalgete, nutritional juicing expert, will help you rediscover your body’s natural energy and reset your hunger system through a personalized, balanced eating and juicing program.
  • Katherine Robertson-Pilling, life coach/mentor and author of The Wheel of Creativity, will help you understand the stages of change, so as to trust the process and harness your personal power to create the results you long for.
  • Suzanne Gamache, mind-body therapist, will show you партнерства practical techniques to open and align your mind/body connection for change to take root.

The program

Two half-day “spa days” and three online “booster” sessions:

  • Start. Sunday, January 19 10am-2pm:
    • Preparation and launch for your journey. Define your project.
      • Example: I don’t want to be so easily ignitable in the new year
      • Example: I work too much, I want to find time to take care of myself and my family
      • Example: I want to be more healthy
    • Awareness: Assessment of your starting point for your project, using our professional evaluation tools.
    • The process of change: Get your compass for the process of change and how to overcome its challenges.
    • Nurturing yourself: Training in juicing, relaxation, strengthening and motivational skills.
  • Follow-ups. 3 Mondays (January 27, February 3 and santé 10, 8:00-9:00 PM)
    • Meet online to share questions, insights, tips, results, intentions and group cheap jerseys support.
    • Receive weekly Action Plans to keep you moving toward your goals day by day.

    On three successive Monday evenings (Jan 27, Feb 3 and Feb 10), we’ll meet online to answer your questions, offer insights and tips, share vs results, set intentions and share group support. You’ll receive weekly Action Plans to keep you moving toward your goals day by day.

  • Evaluation and moving forward. Sunday, February 16 10am-2pm:
    • Measure your changes (with video and photos!)
    • Celebrate your successes.
    • Address your challenges.
    • Adapt your plan with tools to keep going.

Bonus session: Sustain your changes: Monday, February 17:

    • One last online “booster” session with tips to help you sustain your changes through the school holidays.

Event details:

  • Dates: January cheap mlb jerseys 19 and 27, February 3, 10,16 and 17)
  • Cost: 295 € per person (EPWN offer: Save 20€ if you sign up by 6 January.)
  • Final registration: 12 January, 2014

Space is limited, so secure your spot by registering for this life-changing program, contact me today to sign up here today: